Operating Principles

Community Cantered.

The ultimate beneficiaries of our work are justice seekers – the people who want justice and seek the protection of the rule of law, people whose Rights and freedoms have been infringed upon. We will strive to empower people and build their trust and confidence in the rule of law and the entire Justice systems.

Justice Oriented

We subscribe to a vision of the rule of law that encompasses substantive justice as well as procedural fairness, which is consistent with the National, Regional and international human rights norms and standards. We promote and uphold our understanding of the rule of law without being prescriptive or peremptory and with sensitivity to local context.

Gender Responsive

We are committed to promoting gender equality through non-discriminatory gender-responsive laws, policies and institutions, enhancing women’s access to justice and increasing their legal empowerment to achieve sustainable development. We will ensure that all our programs, projects and activities are gender informed and benefit from gender analysis.

Local Touch

We recognize that reforms are most likely to be sustainable when they are owned by those whom they intend to benefit. While anchoring our work to suit International standards and values, we will align our expertise and knowledge to address local problems.

Context specific

We  take account of the distinct nature of each situation in which we work and invest in understanding the context, including the political and social structures, any gender imbalances and human rights issues. We will seek to identify the best entry points for programmatic intervention and for policy advocacy, taking into account the political dynamics and keeping in mind the needs of the end-users of justice, especially women, the poor, marginalized and vulnerable groups.


We are committed to promoting finding solutions through capacity development and partnership-building. We foster the ability of institutions, individuals and the sector itself to deliver timely, good quality justice with an efficient use of resources. We help justice seekers to learn about their rights and freedoms, asserting and using them to improve their own well-being. In so doing, we acknowledge the importance of inclusive participatory approaches

Transparency and accountability

We recognize the importance of being held accountable for our results and the use of resources. We work to enhance transparency and accountability to our program partners, beneficiaries, funding partners and governing bodies.