Who We Are

About Justice Care Uganda

Justice Care Uganda is National focused leading Non-Government organization duly registered by relevant authorities and our main objectives are to advocate for the promotion and protection of fundamental Human Rights and freedoms of all persons.

Justice Care Uganda started in 2016 to agitate for the increasing societal collective efforts in response to Protecting Civil Liberties and advancing Rule of Law, Democracy and Good Governance in Uganda.

We have been so vocal in influencing formulation of policies and legislations that seeks to advance and promote the fundamental Rights and freedoms of people, advocates for good governance processes and strategies through mobilising diverse experiences, knowledge and skills and to objectively create meaningful discussions that fosters Rule of law, democracy and Good governance.

Since our inception, Justice Care Uganda has been actively involved in implementing community based projects that seeks to advance the philosophy we believe in anchored on our vision, mission and objectives.


We seek to ensure adequate and effective implementation, protection, promotion,
respect and understanding of the rights and freedoms for and by all citizens and persons legally living in Uganda.


To make Uganda a Human Rights Safe Heaven